BEKRINEY Moroccan-Chatbot: A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered piece of software in a device Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc, application, website or other networks that try to gauge consumers needs and then assist them to perform a particular task like a commercial transaction, hotel booking, form submission etc Today almost every company has a chatbot deployed to engage with the users. By 2025, chatbots will be handling 80 percent of customer-service interactions; they are already handling about 60 percent of transactions now in differents languages. In our country morocco, all companies are using chatbots with Arabic or French language, but not all Moroccans speak those languages and the majority of citizens prefers to communicate with dialect Moroccan Arabic language. So that’s inspired me to make a Moroccan chatbot who can engage with users with dialect Moroccan Arabic , using cikit library and NLTK.

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One of the latest technological innovations of this pandemic era is mobile applications that guide users on which locations are safe and which are to avoid. If there is one thing that this covid-19 pandemic has taught us is that we have to be more cautious than ever. Most passengers will not book a trip to a destination that is still plagued with the virus. This is why governments and the travel industry are working day and night to ensure travel safety.

  • For example, implement contactless payment in your restaurant or bar as well as for room service, or your gift shop.
  • If you want to implement or build an AI solution for your travel business, reach out to us right away.
  • MySmartJourney lets you easily design and create fun and informative multimedia experiences.
  • Mobile customer journeys provide data and insights to help brands personalize the customer experience and meet customer expectations.

Depending on the scope of the project, pricing for this type of service can vary from a modest monthly fee to upwards of $10,000 for a custom-built application. In this article, we break down the costs of creating a professional tour web app. In the era of the digital revolution, museums and cultural sites are facing important challenges.

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In fact, a self-guided tour guide can make a walking route out of any interesting area of their own city. Those amateurs who would rather have an adventure day away from the bright city lights would do good to research trails in and around their area. One would be surprised to discover how many wonders nature hides just a couple of kilometers away from our homes. A self-guided tour is a self-governing tour where you can enjoy exploring walking routes or urban areas without the need for a tour guide.

For example, the click and collect options that are frequently offered by retail stores are a great way for businesses to cater for both in-person and online shoppers. The click and collect service allows you to shop from home but still provides an in-store experience. As it merges physical and digital shopping experiences, you make sure that those who prefer to shop in person and those who prefer to shop online are catered for. (source) Even so, a great majority of people prefer shopping in physical stores. It’s not rare that people find pieces of clothing they like while browsing online in the comfort of their home and then go to the physical store to try them on.

Their ultimate goal is to elevate the marketing campaign of a company product or event. A microsite can function either as a website on its own or as a cluster of websites, and is often temporary. They are used as marketing tools as they are often centered around specific branded content. While lockdown has separated us from our loved ones, an expected relaxation of travel restrictions is a great opportunity for us to reconnect with our friends and family living abroad. It’s also a chance to indulge in touristic destinations and visit iconic spots in different places around the world.

  • Thanks to advances in technology, the blending of the real and digital realms has become a strategy commonly used in various industries.
  • Poster printers advocate the use of certain materials, formats and other key characteristics of physical media.
  • Back in the day, one had to make a phone call or speak face-to-face with a service provider in order to plan their vacation.

Alternate forms of museum mediation should therefore be considered, such as lectures and workshops, that would suit a more mature audience. In addition to implementing mediation physically in your museum, you can also branch out and create extensions of your museum experience in schools. The school environment is the perfect place to integrate cultural mediation as it’s always a priority for schools to facilitate learning. There are a multitude of ways that you can incorporate cultural mediation into your museum. Any way that you can develop and expand an individual’s understanding of your exhibition is a form of cultural mediation, so feel free to be creative and ensure it caters to your visitors. Hiring cultural mediators will inevitably improve your connection to visitors as it creates a more personal experience for them as they make their way through the museum., Airbnb, and Tripadvisor highlight the significance of AI in tourism through personalized recommendations. Now that we understand what AI in tourism entails, let’s explore its value for consumers, retailers, and intermediaries. When planning your trip, an AI assistant can help you do everything, from booking your hotel to adding the dates to your calendar. Think of an AI travel assistant as a travel agent, but without an actual human on the other end. They allow better communication of essential information to customers, such as sanitary measures, modification or cancellation of their reservation and allows better management of their requests.

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests…

Art is an extremely creative medium, and cultural mediation allows this creativity to thrive as it promotes an exchange in knowledge and exploration of works of art. The social environments that we have the opportunity to be exposed to propose intriguing and exciting possibilities, but these possibilities are not always easy to grasp and understand. Cultural mediation is the process of helping individuals fully comprehend alternative cultures through involvement and participation.

chatbot tourisme

Visitors can access virtual content by tapping their smart device close to the NRC tag or chip or use their phone’s camera to scan the QR code and access insightful and interactive information. Retailers who offered simplified in-store purchasing processes, contactless payment options or curbside pickup options achieved better results than businesses that remained rigid in their approach. Companies that deliver purchase experiences that combine physical and digital features drive greater income.

MySmartJourney began investing this major sum to develop the French market, which remains the world’s leading tourist destination. The Selfie Booth offers the visitor the possibility to personalize their photo by adding a watermark of the organization’s logo and stickers. They can share their photo on their personal Facebook page as a testimony of their experience or Chat PG as a souvenir. This help can be in the form of blogs, e-books, analysis reports, tutorials, etc. These publications offer the user a clear and detailed answer and allow them to better target their research. On the other hand, it allows your brand to stand out by showing that you understand the needs of your audience and by offering them free and accessible resources.

In addition, EPAM partnered with a British hotel chain to optimize the lengthy, inefficient process of manually assessing each hotel’s performance. EPAM assembled a team of Java developers, UX designers, and project managers to engineer an ORM tool with two separate views. Since the solution’s integration, the client has been able to create effective action plans and marketing campaigns to address lower-than-average performance. In 2017, EPAM helped Southwest Airlines design a new digital wayfinding system to guide customers through the airport. We redesigned all of the existing airport signage and added new sign types at key locations throughout the airport based on customer and employee feedback. Thanks to this AI-driven change, we’ll soon see personalized pricing, advertising, bundling, bidding, and subscriptions as acceptable payment methods.

A personalized experience is a meaningful experience and one that is likely to result in the customer taking action. However, personalizing and tailoring a mobile digital journey effectively requires knowledge of the business, its goals, and the target market. Once these three aspects are covered, it is easier to determine the right content to display at the right time and to the right person. Creating mobile digital journeys allows businesses to detect points of friction encountered by the customer and remove them in order to offer customers a seamless journey.

Online platforms like allow travelers to plan their trips with one click. The AI collects information about your destination and personal preferences in order to fine-tune your recommendations and plan your trip. Search engine optimization is also in high demand in artificial intelligence and tourism.

It can be used to provide an artist biography or more context related to different art works, such as historical knowledge. You can also use these technologies to show visitors where additional paintings by the same artist are located in your collection. Mysmartjourney is an easy platform to use, which allows museums to take advantage of QR codes, NCF technology as well as short URLs. A live tour can give people a taste of a museum while sitting at home behind their computer. An online experience of a museum is an alternative that counters health regulations that may restrict physical access to the museum.

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An audio guide in itself is actually quite limiting as all it offers is an audio aid. Not only is this non-inclusive, and inaccessible to those hard of hearing, but it is also quite a boring experience. The audio guide provides a very one-dimensional user experience which does not make the most of the other senses. An audio guide device is an electronic system similar to a music player which allows personalized guided tours in museums or other establishments. MysmartJourney offers a cost-effective alternative for the production and maintenance of any historical, cultural, tourist or heritage site.

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Intelligent Chatbots Will be Taking the Travel Industry by Storm.

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Due to the eruption of the volcanic ash cloud that covered much of Europe, bookings by tourists to Iceland have declined by about 20% compared to previous years. In order to define a territorial strategy, it is important to know what the market is like, and what the competitive landscape looks like. You must analyze the socio-economic context of the region and determine whether there are particular factors that could affect the success of your project.

In addition, the tourism industry is working hard to ensure that the image of the country does not suffer negative repercussions due to recent events. To do this, the government has launched the “Iceland hour,” an hour during which the entire nation is invited to share their experiences, culture, and history with friends and relatives around the world. Another significant trend that has recently made an appearance on the museum scene is museum attendance. This trend deals with advertising how safety precautions for the covid-19 are part of the new museum experience and how the flow of visitors is limited. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. It allows customers to go to the museum and enjoy their visit rather than worry about their safety. Virtual reality is an amazing technology that allows you to promote your city in a unique way.

Relaxed, flexible, and always authentic, Virgin Voyages is where laid-back tranquility meets exhilaration. Founded in 2014, Virgin Voyages’ goal is to be a leader within the cruise industry for pre- and post-booking Sailor satisfaction. Normally, customers spend several days researching competitive routes and offers before reservations are made. Most Sailors are looking for answers to commonly asked questions and can spend hours searching FAQ pages or engaging with basic chatbots in help centers.


Because mobile booking systems can handle organizational tasks automatically, companies can save time, and money. Your social media sites should be an integral component of your phygital strategy. Having a solid social media presence has many advantages, including being closer to your customers and their opinions. Social media also offers a wealth of information about your customer base and the things that make them tick. By reviewing and analyzing this info, you can gain a clearer view of your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Companies like MySmartJourney are reinventing multimedia content to provide an effective and innovative experience from your phone. Finally, in order to relieve its offices, the Rivière-du-Loup Tourism Office, provides visitors information on the region and on activities to do in the area. Digital mediation and contactless experiences are also offered for risk-free travel. Air Canada has implemented MySmartJourney’s solution in its Maple Leaf Lounges. By placing NFC tokens on the dining tables, customers simply scan their phone to access the restaurant’s menu, where they can directly order their meal. This limits the need for waiters to move around the room, and thus offers a contactless service for travelers.

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I let ChatGPT plan my travel itinerary; here’s how it went.

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A guide app provides visitors with access to information and content on their personal mobile devices without any need to hire or purchase audio equipment or search for physical exhibits. Museums and historical sites, parks, universities, cities, and numerous other types of sites all have mobile guide apps to inform and guide visitors. You can customize your tour with images, text, and audio, as well as set up notifications based on directions and location. Digital cultural mediation is defined as a set of digital technologies and computer supports implemented in physical or virtual places to meet the objectives of cultural mediation. An omnichannel strategy combines brick-and-mortar locations, social media platforms, websites, email, and mobile to create a cohesive customer experience. When all communication channels are working efficiently and together, customers gain access to a complete phygital content marketing experience.

Getting visitors to use mobile phones to access audio tours is probably the best, easiest and safest way in which you can run your audio tour. Audio guides are integrated in the museum experience in order to help visitors understand the exhibitions without the need for a physical tour guide. Tourist offices that offer any type of service to travelers can use the MySmartJourney platform to share informational content that details the services offered. They can also share nearby tourist attractions and engage customers by offering products and services online. Phygital marketing offers a personalized campaign across multiple channels to encourage new buying behavior. Between QR codes, digital coupons, virtual reality, the ease of online shopping and the speed of access to information, the customer experience becomes more enjoyable and engaging.

One of the virtual tour options is a ten-minute video that takes you around the museum and shows you the breathtaking views from the top floors of the museum, one of the visitors’ favorite places. The hotel industry goes hand in hand with all kinds of industries like restaurants, cultural venues, and many others. Partnering with places in your area is a great way to give customers the most memorable experience.

Otherwise, users may get lost in the myriads of hotel options and leave unsatisfied. To prevent this, Expedia provides recommendations for every platform visitor. If you are interested in technical details, here you’ll find a detailed explanation of how it works. This virtual switch board automatically handles your company’s incoming calls, ensuring fast, professional and personalized interaction with every caller.

You can even gamify your locations, giving a playful touch to a museum visit without the need for any physical installations to be built. By having a better idea of who is visiting the exhibits and why they do it, museum curators can have a clearer picture of how best to express the uniqueness of their exhibits. If you are at a tourist destination, you might want to try to inspire a feeling of wanderlust to cater to the expectations of travelers. Museums that are more often frequented by families or schools can consider having customizable information that captures the attention of children.

These scenarios can be customized according to the target audience and bring together different media to enrich the content shared. Mobile devices offer consumers a new way of experiencing brands and consuming content and with the introduction of mobile digital journeys, customer expectations have reached new heights. Improving the user experience is becoming more and more of a priority for businesses across different industries.

Digital mediation also includes fun activities such as games to animate the visit of children or virtual logbooks to keep n unforgettable memory of the visit. The common interest is to help the public to appropriate the work, the place and to explore its history. However, there are many other effective techniques for achieving these goals.

From a technical point of view, you do not need to set up complex scenarios because artificial intelligence is able to understand intentions and adapt its response. Our expertise in the sphere of confidence (first 30 seconds of the call) allows us to obtain a 97% rate of complete conversations. The level of conversation fluidity can be better than a human because the virtual agent is directly chatbot tourisme connected to the data the customer needs. Hotels and airlines will invest massively in data science and deep learning algorithms in order to make better occupancy predictions. This predictive superpower will help them channel their resources better in order to reduce expenses and maximize profits. And any travel management company can also rely on this technology when planning trip packages.

Museums preserve historic artifacts as well as objects of art history and science to delay the natural laws of deterioration and make sure future generations can understand the past through exhibitions. The younger among us are much more interested in traveling than their older counterparts. Not only are millennials more inclined to spend their time and money going out of town, but they are also interested in bringing their friends along for the ride. While vacations used to be more of a couple or family activity for past generations, younger travelers prefer adventuring with their friend groups. The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the top ten cultural institutions in North America and is the largest museum in Canada.

If art galleries were people, they wouldn’t dress or act the same way natural history exhibits would. In the same vein, museums should show their personality across their premises and in the way they communicate with their customers. During specific times of the year (at Christmas, for example), you can create relevant content. If you want to learn more about our technology and how it can help your business, feel free to contact us. An expert from our team will assess your needs and offer you a customized NFC technology or QR code solution so that you can make the most of your waiting room area.

Backed by close partnerships with over 400 leading technology providers, our team helps people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all. We’re honored to be consistently recognized as a great place to work, including being one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For eight years running. Artificial intelligence is changing the tourism and travel industries, especially following the COVID pandemic. Hotels, airlines, and hospitality service providers now rely on AI-powered tools to optimize operations, maximize profits, and boost the user experience. Customer satisfaction is vital in the tourism industry because your brand’s reputation and success depend on it.

chatbot tourisme

Cultural mediation consists of establishing spaces for dialogue between the participants in a cultural experience, the artists and the cultural organization. It aims to stimulate public participation in cultural life in order to encourage forms of personal and collective appropriation. Experiential travel goes beyond the mere purchase of plane tickets and hotel bookings. Modern travelers wish to develop an emotional connection with the places and cultures they visit.