It was further damaged during the 1881 earthquake.[6] In 1952, due to the shortage of monks, Nea Moni was converted to a convent. Axios’s new venture features a roster of collaborations with celebrity production companies, including Tom Brady’s Shadow Lion and Chrissy Teigen’s Huntley Productions. The new entertainment division will be led by Axio’s head of development, Erica Winograd, who has developed video programming for other media organizations, including Refinery29 and Vox Media.

  1. As we have discussed that Axios allows you to communicate with the APIs in your React project.
  2. Please see the salishsea YAML file output section docs if you are working on the
    Salish Sea configurations of NEMO,
    or the nemo YAML file output section docs if you use another NEMO configuration.
  3. Now that’s not a big deal, like many things it really comes down to syntax memorization.
  4. The company also states that any other software needs can easily be filled in by open-source development.
  5. An AxiosHeaders object instance can contain different types of internal values.

Midway up the east coast lie the main population centers, the main town of Chios, and the regions of Vrontados and Kambos. Chios Town, with a population of 32,400, is built around the island’s main harbour and medieval castle. The current castle, with a perimeter of 1,400 m (4,600 ft), was principally constructed during the time of Genoese and Ottoman rule, although remains have been found dating settlements there back to 2000 B.C. The town was substantially damaged by an earthquake in 1881, and only partially retains its original character. VandeHei founded Axios in 2016 with Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz. All three were journalists for Politico, of which VandeHei is a cofounder.

XIOS operates as a server process that multiple NEMO calculation processes communicate with
to write results to netCDF files. XIOS buffers the output from NEMO in memory while the much slower process of writing to disk happens. That means that the NEMO processes can do calculations almost continuously without having to
periodically pause to write results to disk. Axios, which is a popular library is mainly used to send asynchronous HTTP requests to REST endpoints. Axios has its own AxiosHeaders class to manipulate headers using a Map-like API that guarantees caseless work.

The island normally experiences steady breezes (average 3–5 m/s (6.7–11.2 mph)) throughout the year, with wind direction predominantly northerly (“Etesian” Wind—locally called the “Meltemi”) or southwesterly (Sirocco).

The MOAD group maintains our own Mercurial repositories on GitHub of the XIOS-2 code
and build configuration files for building XIOS-2 on the compute platforms that we use. Our XIOS-2 code repo is accessible only by members of the MOAD group so as to respect the
sign-up requirement of the upstream XIOS repository. The architecture file repo is public so that other researchers can make use of the
build system options that we have figured out for various system.

Need of Axios in React:

Domain tags must be contained within a domain_group tag,
which must be contained within a domain_definition tag. Field tags must be contained within a field_group tag,
which must be contained within a field_definition tag. Doing so will cause conflicts when changes to NEMO are pulled in from the upstream repository,
and your changes will be overwritten. Instead,
put copies of the XML files that you want to change under version control in your runs configuration repo
(for example, the SS-run-sets repo for people working on MEOPAR). The “operating system” (more on the scare quotes later) is based on XML, and using AJAX it connects to multiple back-end servers running Ubuntu Linux. Instead, the “OS” is really a complex AJAX-based system, and Arthursson says that it can be viewed as a virtual machine for XML applications.

I wanted to understand why such a wide range of web development educators were making use of this seemingly inconspicuous library. So I decided to dig in to deliver a very simple, straightforward explanation of what Axios offers and why it’s (probably) worth using. The main changes when switching from XIOS-1 to XIOS-2 are to the XML configuration files.

The climate simulation models launched on super-calculators produce a significant amount of data. At this scale, the management of output files and post-treatment on data become the performance bottleneck for those climate models. In order to generate efficiently the output from models while taking advantage of the calculate resources, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace has launched the XIOS project. XIOS is a library dedicated to generate efficiently and easily the parallel input/output of climate models. It uses a client-server methodology in which clients (or models) will simulate the physics and send data asynchronously to servers. It is the XIOS servers who are in charge of writing data to files.

Xcerion claims that its new “web-based operating system” will make life easier …

“This is something that many services on the Internet cannot provide today. This also extends the reliability of XIOS.” Axios is a promise-based library, so you need to implement some promise-based asynchronous HTTP requests. JQuery and AJAX also perform the same job but in React project React handles each and everything in its own virtual DOM, so there is no need to use jQuery at all. As we have discussed that Axios allows you to communicate with the APIs in your React project.

Build Appsin No-Time

The same tasks can also be performed by using AJAX, but Axios provide you more functionality and features and that helps you in building your application quickly. All XIOS/3 building blocks, included by us or by you, have access to tons of functionality out-of-the-box, making it possible to build web apps that look and function like real what is xios software. Also, XIOS/3’s unique edge capabilities mean unbeatable usability and speed. It turns out fetch() only rejects promises in relatively rare networking error situations like a DNS lookup failure. Luckily fetch() provides a simple ok flag that indicates whether or not the status code of a response is in the successful range.


Axios’s articles are typically brief and matter-of-fact; most are shorter than 300 words and use bullet points, making scanning easier. In addition to news articles, Axios produces daily and weekly industry-specific newsletters (including Allen’s Axios AM, a successor to his newsletter Politico Playbook for Politico),[2] and two daily podcasts. Axios’ first foray into the entertainment sphere was through a television series deal with HBO in 2018 and  lasted for four seasons. Titled Axios, the show focused on interview-style reporting, featuring business executives like Google CEO Sundar Pichai and topical politicians like President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. HBO canceled the show in 2021, shortly before it won an Emmy that year. According to reporting from Puck News, HBO executives had “lost their appetite for news programing” and were focusing on developing HBO’s own streaming business.

After downloading a couple of megabytes of code, a user can “boot up” XIOS in a web browser and start running the OS and applications Xcerion is developing. Xcerion says that XIOS and its default applications will be free, and the applications themselves will be open-sourced so that users can modify them to suit their own needs. Furthermore, XIOS is a development platform that will allow coders to create their own applications, so it’s not just limited to productivity applications. We have discussed some useful operations such as fetching the data, posting the data, updating the data, or deleting the data in Axios. Once you will start working on React, you will have to use this library to communicate with the database server.


Axios is heavily inspired by the $http service provided in AngularJS. Ultimately axios is an effort to provide a standalone $http-like service for use outside of AngularJS. When using catch, or passing a rejection callback as second parameter of then, the response will be available through the error object as explained in the Handling Errors section. Requests can be made by passing the relevant config to axios. Once you have all the components you need, XIOS/3 relieves you from even more work by enabling you to put all your building blocks together into apps using declarative markup. Build powerful and edge-enabled web apps as easy as you would build a website.