Bi-Weekly Mowing

Lawn mowing services made easy

Are you in need of a reliable lawn mowing company that provides the highest levels of customer service and lawn mowing available? Brunner Lawn Care provides professional lawn mowing services to help your lawn look its best throughout the growing season. For weekly lawn mowing service, you can count on Brunner Lawn for all your lawn mowing and lawn care needs. Contact Brunner Lawn Care today to learn more about our lawn mowing service. Every lawn is different but the typical growing season for grass is from Mid April to the end of October. Throughout the month of October, Brunner Lawn Care can mow up the majority of your leaves.

What does our lawn mowing service include?

With our weekly lawn mowing service, you will receive professional lawn mowing, trimming around all edging, borders, trees, and obstacles. We also include weekly edging along driveways and sidewalks. Once all services are completed, Brunner Lawn Care will clean-up any lawn mowing clippings, and blow other debris from the service off driveways, sideways, decks and patios. We also haul away the grass clipping so you’re not left with a lot of dead grass that would otherwise be tracked into your home.

Lawn Mowing Pricing:

At Brunner Lawn Care, we believe that you should enjoy your lawn and not labor over it. Start enjoying your weekends by hiring us to handle your lawn mowing chore. Our lawn mowing service is affordable and starts at $20 per service. However, the actual lawn mowing weekly rate for your lawn will depend on several factors including square footage and accessibility. Contact us today for a free on-site estimate to get a specific quoted rate. Please note that Brunner Lawn Care does not provide one-time mowings.